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LOVE: I love my dog. I have turned into a crazy dog lady. Most of the time I have dog treats and poop bags in my pockets and I often wish that I could take my dog into stores or into the library. Yes, I know, I understand, that nobody wants to clean up dog pee or poo or deal with a misbehaving dog in the library or store. I get that but I still wish I could take my dog with me anywhere while we are out for a walk because sometimes I want a tea or a library book and I can't go in because I have my puppy.

HATE: I hate my house. Yes, I am beginning to hate my home. It is getting way too small and cluttered and we are so growing out of it but we still haven't found a home that would be good for us. I am finding it hard to be motivated to clean it because I hate it so much.

LOVE: I love my new measuring cups. I got these cute Russian nesting doll dry measures and spoons for Christmas that I just LOVE and the other day I picked up these sweet ceramic wet measures at our local second hand store that make me smile when I see them.

HATE: I hate my dishes. I am not talking about doing them (though I hate that too) I am talking about the actual dishes. I am trying very hard to use all the ones that I think are pretty but I keep looking at our local second hand store up the hill and fantasizing about getting new dishes.

LOVE: I love knitting. Really I do. I have a few projects on the go and love them all. I really need to do a knitting picture post soon. After I finish this one project I will take some pictures.

HATE: I hate how long it takes me sometimes to finish a project.

LOVE: I LOVE helping out at the Knitting Club at my daughter's school. I just started doing this at the start of the New Year and it is so awesome! I have taught and helped out so many girls (ages 8-10) who really love to knit and feel special and complete when they knit a few excellent rows. It is just so cool.

HATE: I hate how stuck my husband and I are feeling right now.

LOVE: I love BBC's Sherlock.


LOVE: I love the way my husband tells my kids history. We have covered so much history right now with the kids. Civil Rights movement, First Nations rights, and Bible stories. My husband watches a lot of documentaries (Freedom Riders, PBS thing on Custer, and yeah, the whole Churchy thing we do)

HATE: I hate how we have done some incredible atrocities to each other and we keep doing it. It doesn't ever stop. I hate how hard it is for me to live the Gospel. As Ghandi says, "Be the change you want to see in the world." And I can't even live the way I say I believe.

LOVE: I love audiobooks. Really, they are so awesome.

HATE: I hate the XBOX. The boys got one for Christmas and I hate how much they wanna play, the negotiating, the whining, and how I have to monitor it and use it as leverage. Gah.

LOVE: I love my husband and kiddos.

*the love & hate may be exaggerated for effect.


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